Ukrainians Device for Remote Monitoring of the Heart

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 4, 2021
Ukrainians Device for Remote Monitoring of the Heart

"Cardiomo" device and startup have conquered Europe and are going to Las Vegas for the "Consumer Electronic Show 2022"

The startup started with a budget of about $20.000, and today the project has attracted just over $1 million in investment.

"With the advent of the first investor — a Ukrainian entrepreneur who knows firsthand about heart disease, they made a professional design and hired the first team. Then, in 2016, they received an invitation to Start — an accelerator in New York, which invested $130.000 (part in money and part in services). After the first visit to the exhibition CES-2017 (the largest annual exhibition of consumer electronics) in Vegas, startups released the first batch of devices — 250 pcs. Then came investors from the United States, Ukraine, and the Middle East. In particular, the accelerator Rockstart Health in 2019 invested in Cardiomo €95.000 at the beginning of the program and an additional €300.000 during its passage. These funds were used to redesign and the second batch of 1,000 pieces," says Roman Belkin, CEO and developer of Cardiomo.

How the gadget works

The device is attached via electrodes to the left side of the chest on the human body and reads the main indicators of the heart: electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile device in an application running Android or iOS, and from there to a dashboard, which will be accessible to the doctor who is treating the patient.


  • 280 mAh battery with the stated operating time on one charge up to seven days;
  • Full charge in 3 hours;
  • Water resistance: with Cardiomo you can take a shower and even swim, approaching the phone once every 30-60 minutes to synchronize data.

Today, Cardiomo developers are working to obtain certificates for the recognition of the device as a medical product

  • Cardiomo has already received the ISO 13485 certificate, which regulates the quality management system of manufacturers of medical devices, machinery and equipment, in 2020;
  • Obtaining the EU MDR, the regulation of certification of medical devices and equipment within the European Union has already passed to the second stage of confirmation;
  • The CE Mark will be received by the end of autumn this year;
  • FDA — certification of sales in the US market will be completed by 2022.

A preliminary contract for the production of Cardiomo was signed with a plant in the Netherlands on the border with Belgium, Zealand.

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