$1.5 Mln Educational Centre for Foreign Investments 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 10, 2022
$1.5 Mln Educational Centre for Foreign Investments 

A training centre for 3D printing of buildings is being built in Ukraine

French investor Jean-Christof Bonis continues to develop Ukrainian talents. The founder of the humanitarian fund Team4UA has decided to allow Ukrainian architects and builders to learn to realize ideas quickly. This is especially relevant in terms of the fact that the country will need to rebuild after the Russian invasion. Therefore, Bonis will allocate about $1.5 million to create a training centre for 3D-printing buildings. This is the first such project in Ukraine. 

The centre will be located in the capital of Ukraine or the country's west, in Lviv. Immediately after the centre's opening, everyone can learn about the features of the use of construction printers and join the first project. The 3D printing centre should create an additional building for one of the Lviv schools. The school has a capacity of 800 students but currently has 1.200 children. Therefore, the school needs to be expanded. So Jean-Christof Bonis wants to print another building for the students. Concrete will be used to create the building. According to the project, creating a new part of the school requires no more than 1 month.

The launch of the 3D printing training centre and the first project implementation were planned for October. But Team4UA was forced to reschedule their training due to energy terrorism from Russia.

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