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Starting an aerospace business in Ukraine
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Ukrainian aerospace industry is well advanced and high-tech because it is in possession of valid developments of spacecraft.

Military and passenger aircraft were also developed in the country and the aerospace engineering industry in Ukraine has given the world record holder cargo aircraft: AN-225 Mriya and AN-124 Ruslan.
The unique experience in the aerospace technology industry makes it attractive for foreign investors, the number of which is increasing every year.

Air achievements of Ukraine

Ukraine is an honorary member of the Space Powers Club

Ukraine collaborates with SpaceX and NASA

On the basis of Ukrainian production, international technical orders are developed and implemented, as well as their own planes, shuttles, and satellites are being created

The rich aerospace and aircraft-building history of Ukraine is conducive to a more extensive acquaintance.

Opportunities for investors

It is very promising to invest in the Ukraine aerospace industry because the country has experience in the development and production of aerospace products. One of the advantages is that the salary level in Ukraine is lower than in the US, which means that the investor has lower costs for qualified employees.

In 2021 was signed the State Scientific and Technical Program Development of the aircraft building sector in Ukraine for 2021-2030. The reformation of the aviation and helicopter sector will create conditions for a qualitatively different development of the scientific, technical, and production capacities of Ukraine.

Five design bureaus are concentrated in Ukraine, including the legendary Antonov and Yuzhnoye, and eight manufacturing plants. In Dnipro, there is a full-fledged production of Yuzhmash engines and in Zaporizhia, there are the design bureau of aircraft engines Ivchenko-Progress and the center of engine production Motor Sich

Ukraine and European Union signed a Common Aviation Area Agreement with Ukraine, which opens a total entry of Ukraine and any business here into the single airspace of the EU. Investors will have the following benefits.

Ukraine has everything necessary

to create an international aircraft service center

Manufacturing plants provide an opportunity

to join the chain of foreign aerospace companies in order to create equipment and aircraft

foreign companies can incorporate

with Ukrainian companies and create new products based on foreign spare parts

Located in the center of Europe, Ukraine has a strong advantage in the logistics and route sectors.

It is easy and quick to get to Ukraine from any country in the world for both a traveler and a truck driver

Based on the capacity of passenger traffic for April-July 2021, Ukrainian airport Boryspil entered the TOP-15 busiest airports in Europe

In 2020-2021, 3 new airports were opened in Ukraine, and by the end of 2024, at least one airport will be operating in each region of Ukraine


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