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Investment prerequisites

Every year Ukraine becomes more and more attractive for investors, providing access to a huge sales market with more than 42 million consumers. Let's highlight the most compelling reasons for investing in Ukraine and the most demanded industries.


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Since conducting business in the United States remains risky and requires massive investment, investment in Ukraine is the best option to invest in an emerging market. Ukraine investments are gaining attractiveness since the second largest country in Europe is ramping up its potential with relatively low production costs.

Investment in Ukraine keeps becoming more profitable and reliable, due to the country's economic recovery as well. It is a promising decision to invest in Ukraine because the flow of investment is constantly increasing. For example, in 2019 foreign direct investment attracted amounted to almost $4,5 billion with an average annual growth of $0,36 billion.

Due to neighboring the European Union, possessing highly qualified personnel with simultaneously low labor costs makes investing in Ukraine a favorable investment option. This solution is supported by several factors as well:
  • Actual freedom from restrictions on the domestic market

  • Favorable geographical location on the transport routes between Asia and Europe;

  • The high scientific potential of the country;

  • Well-organized and smoothly running infrastructure.

Investing directions

Ukraine is a promising country that is rich in raw materials and personnel — here Ukraine investment is accepted without any restrictions. The most demanded industries requiring foreign capital are:


The recent opening of the land market will significantly increase investor interest in the Ukrainian agricultural sector and lead to an increase in the value of agricultural land.

Startups and IT

A high educational level contributes to the rising number of IT startups, which are attractive for foreign investment as well.


Last year sales of small retail outlets increased by 30% even despite the pandemic.

Pharmaceutical industry

Among the unusual export-oriented investment projects, it is worth highlighting enterprises for the processing and export of medicinal herbs for the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.


Ukraine manufactures cars and clothing; there is energy, as well as iron and steel industries, machine-building.

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In conclusion, investment in Ukraine is a perfect opportunity to invest funds in a developing economy neighboring the European Union, with low production costs and qualified personnel. We invite you to see more about Ukraine in this

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