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Outsourcing and information technology business in Ukraine
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Over the years, investors have believed in the Ukraine IT sector, which keeps steadily developing, with many countries being interested in its innovations.

In the future, the investment amount is expected to increase, which is a perfect chance for market recovery. Ukraine IT outsourcing is popular all over the world even today and specialist don't expect it to decrease.

IT in Ukraine demonstrates the following statistics:

More than 170 thousand software developers (experts forecast that this number will reach 300 thousand by 2025)

Hundreds and even thousands of companies all around the world are interested in services of information technology in Ukraine

In 2019, more than 500 million were invested in various developments and startups, with this indicator already approaching a billion in 2020 and being likely to exceed this amount

More than 20 companies from the Ukraine IT industry are ranked among the top 100 outsourcing companies

Peculiarities of Ukrainian IT sector
  • Among all the life spheres, it is the innovation sector that is currently developing in the best way in the whole country
  • IT outsourcing in Ukraine hasn't reached the summit yet, so there are even more useful innovative developments to come
  • Information technologies come second in the Ukrainian export of services, which is sufficient proof of significant achievements

Many foreign companies are willing to use outsource IT from Ukraine thanks to numerous professional developers on the market who master plenty of programming languages.

Advantages of investing in Ukrainian IT projects

The average annual growth of development is as high as 15-30%, which is significantly ahead of the sector's global indicators. 

Most large-scale corporations and well-known brands encourage IT business in Ukraine. Some companies believe that the country deserves to be a global R&D hub since it has sufficient capacities and resources for this.

  • That is why Ukraine's IT investment attracts considerable funds, with their amount expected to keep growing
  • The main advantage of this sector is a combination of excellent human resources potential and a high-quality scientific base

It's worth keeping in mind that IT in Ukraine is still at its development stage, so investors keep searching for favorable options to invest money, with many of them generating excellent profits.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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