Open an office in Ukraine

Open your own branch office in Ukraine
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Ukraine has an emerging market that investors are turning their attention towards.

Many are looking into how to open an office in Ukraine, or specifically, how to open an office in Kyiv. But before one can do that, they must first decide on the type of office they want to open.

In order to open an LLC

investors and shareholders must first get a hold of a Ukrainian tax number

which can be done by a hired attorney or representative in Ukraine on your behalf

the process is easy and shouldn't take more than a week

The director of LLC

Although you can hire different people to work with you after you open your office in Kyiv, the director must only be a citizen or permanent resident of Ukraine.

If you do not have a trustee in Ukraine, at the time of processing all the necessary permits and documents, GT Invest will provide you with its qualified CEO. After paperwork and registration of the company, GT Invest will re-register the LLC to you and you will become its sole director.

The most common type of business office in Ukraine is an LLC

The structure of the company and its personnel can be made up of:


Non-Ukrainian citizens


Non-Ukrainian with business or living permission

Citizens of Ukraine

Persons with Ukrainian passport

After you have a designated property to set up your business, you must register the space

This could take a little over two months

t's important to account for this time before your launch.

Getting power routed to your property can take a while

Getting power routed to your property can take a while

Before you construct your new building

You would need to require construction permits.

However, this is not necessary if

You are buying or renting an existing space when you open an office in Ukraine

GT Invest will be your partner at every stage of your business launch. GT Invest is a guarantee of your stability in Ukraine

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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