Investing in Ukraine for Canadian

Canadian investment in Ukraine today is a source of income tomorrow

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Ukraine is a country with a developing economy

In the context of growing interest, the Ukrainian market is also expanding. Representatives of many countries are gradually starting to develop Ukraine as a niche for their business. 


years since the recognition of the Independence of Ukraine by Canada


million Ukrainians live in Canada


years CUFTA


Anniversary of the Agreement between Ukraine and Canada "On Promotion and Protection of Investments"

High standards of quality and environmental friendliness of Canada's goods have a positive effect on Ukraine: in the name of increasing trade and exchange of services, representatives of Ukrainian business are modernizing their enterprises and the quality of goods.

If you, a Canadian business representative, are considering opening the Ukrainian market in the interests of your life's business, you can pay attention to the following areas:

  • Growing your crops on Ukrainian soil and selling across Europe - fertile land and the location of Ukraine in the center of Europe will open up new opportunities for you
  • Mechanical engineering - the success of this idea is proven by the joint construction of our countries of the cosmodrome in Nova Scotia
  • Mining - in addition to well-known metals / fossil fuels, Ukraine has huge deposits of lithium
  • Real estate investments - residential, industrial, commercial


However, it is Canada that occupies a special place in the life of Ukraine. Our countries have deep historical and cultural ties. It is in Canada that the second largest Ukrainian diaspora is located.
    Priorities for cooperation between Ukraine and Canada:
    Political dialogue

    Security cooperation

    Cooperation in the economic, trade and energy fields

    Scientific and educational cooperation

    Cultural and humanitarian interaction

    Investment areas with guaranteed profit

    Regardless of which direction you choose, in Ukraine you will find favorable working conditions, comprehensive government assistance, benefits, as well as support for the operator of business processes in Ukraine GT Invest.

    If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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