Automotive industry

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In Ukraine, car manufacturing is a billion-dollar industry with an average annual growth rate of 16%

The country has many assembly factories that produce cars for export in addition to supplying domestically. Investors have already pumped over $600 million into this sector and plan on investing another 2 trillion by 2030!

20 world famous manufacturers all operate plants here making components or final products from them such as engines.(1) More than 30 automotive giants employ more than 40 000 people who work tirelessly every day without fail at their respective production lines producing not only passenger vehicles but also heavy trucks needed throughout Europe."

In Ukraine, automobiles can be bought in both budget and premium classes. The country is well-known for its spacious busses as well as trolleybuses which are reliable transports that also have been exported around Europe to countries such those Spain or Greece where they cause much success because it has a higher traffic density than most other areas due this fact alone these vehicles work perfectly functioning smoothly day after day without any issues whatsoever making them perfect choices when considering how many people living there might not always have access too cars so having an option like theirs would allow more freedom otherwise giving greater mobility options leading towards better quality life styles.

In addition, investing in parts plants will turn out new car productions supplying companies overseas meaning profits.

. The availability of well-qualified specialists, combined with low labor costs compared to other European industries and close connection between car manufacturing sectors makes the country a favorable destination for manufacturers looking to set up shop abroad or expand operations within Europe's single market


The automotive industry in Ukraine has many advantages that make it an attractive option for investors

One major advantage this region provides is accessibility through both land borders (Russian Federation) as well as maritime ports on either side; making imports/exports easy without incurring high transportation costs inherent when using separately located facilities across different countries.

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