Aerospace of Ukraine

Starting an aerospace business in Ukraine as a Canadian
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The Ukrainian aerospace industry is well advanced and high-tech because it has developed spacecraft that can be used in outer space

 Due to this, aircraft were also created by the country's engineers such as AN-225 Mriya which holds world records for cargo lifting capacity with her innovative design traits like extending engines beyond front landing gear compartments during flight while still other landmark achievements include producing one of the largest passenger planes: Airbus A330 family member FLY BY (better known simply and affectionately among airlines pilots alike.

Opportunities for investors.

Ukraine is a country that has extensive experience in the development and production of aircraft. The Ukraine aerospace industry provides opportunities for investors because employees earn lower salaries than they would at home, which means you can save on costs like housing developments or other benefits packages.

The State Scientific & Technical Program Development Program (STPP) was signed between 2021-2030 with plans designed to reform this sector by creating conditions where there will be qualitative advancements within its market growth process. 

These reforms include working closely together as partners while also collaborating internationally.
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