106 Bakhmut Defenders Returned Home. Alive and Dead 

POWs from the Bahmut direction returned to Ukraine from captivity. Including 2 dead foreigners and a dead Ukrainian woman 
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On May 25, an exchange of prisoners was held

Among 106 defenders from Ukraine: 8 officers and 98 soldiers with the rank of private and sergeant. Most belong to the armed forces of Ukraine. 21 people were part of the territorial defence, 7 – were border service workers, and 1 – was an employee of the state service of special transport. Also, 68 exiled soldiers were considered missing. In addition, the liberated Ukrainians had different ages: from 21 to 59 years.

Defenders of Bahmut and the territory near this point on the map will undergo a medical examination. But it is already known that 7 prisoners of war who returned home have injuries. Among them are bullet and shrapnel wounds, burns, and fractures. Due to poor medical care while in captivity, acute and chronic diseases were also recorded.

The coordination headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war also reported that 3 people returned from the hands of the invaders in a coffin. The Russians handed over to Ukraine 2 bodies of foreigners and women.

"They fought for Bahmut and performed a feat that prevented the enemy from advancing further into our East. Each of them is a hero of our state," said the head of the presidential office and the coordinating staff for the treatment of prisoners of war, Andrii Yermak.

He also added that the only negotiations that Kyiv had with Moscow, concerned prisoners of war. Therefore, all defenders of the country will be returned home.

In the background you see a coffin

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