137 Ukrainian Companies Hit Foreign Markets in a Year and a Half

by Vlada Zhabrovets
Thursday, September 30, 2021
137 Ukrainian Companies Hit Foreign Markets in a Year and a Half

The beginning of work in foreign markets with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine

Over a year and a half, with the assistance of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine and within the framework of the implementation of the economic priority of the investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/strategy-development/" rel="dofollow">Strategy of foreign policy activity, 137 Ukrainian companies managed to enter foreign markets.

Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba announced this at an online briefing, an Ukrinform resource correspondent reports.

Kuleba said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection, granted or renewed market access for 59 commodity groups in 18 countries.

The minister emphasized that creating new economic opportunities for Ukrainian exporters and attracting investors is a Foreign policy strategy point of paramount importance.

In this regard, the minister announced the signing of a document that approved large-scale changes in the Foreign Ministry aimed at helping businesses, attracting investments and developing trading activity. This refers to the activities of economic departments within foreign diplomatic missions.

The document defines the criteria for assessing diplomats in the economic area by specific indicators and with a clear definition of the role of a particular diplomatic institution, i.e. the number of open markets for Ukrainian commodity groups, the organization of meetings of Ukrainian companies representatives with foreign partners, the names of companies that entered the market of another country, the volume of attracted investments.

“We are introducing practices in the Ministry of foreign affairs, which were proven to be effective in the corporate sector. With this document, we have institutionalized these procedures. Although we have been following them for a year, the signing of this document is the essential completion and final institutionalization of this reform in the Ministry of foreign affairs,” Kuleba said.

As reported, the Minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in July announced the approval of the National Security and Defense Council of the Strategy of foreign policy, which, among other directions, focuses on the promotion of Ukrainian export and the attraction of foreign investment.

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