$20 million invested in soybean processing and feed production in Ukraine

Monday, May 24, 2021
$20 million invested in soybean processing and feed production in Ukraine

The Ukrainian company Edinstvo Group received an investment of $ 20 million from the Dutch development bank FMO and Diligent Capital Partners (DCP)

The decision to invest $20 million in soybean processing and feed production was dictated by the fact that Ukraine is one of the most solid countries in the world for the expansion of food production.

"Especially valuable is the conclusion of an agreement at the stage of the beginning of the land reform, which will be an unequivocal stimulus for the improvement of the agricultural area of Ukraine. The Edinstvo Group was looking not just for a financial investor, we were looking for partners with corporate experience and a sincere desire to develop the Ukrainian agricultural sector," the co-founder emphasized Edinstvo Group Sergey Semenyachenko.

Minister of Agrarian Policy Roman Leshchenko announced his desire to support projects that invest in production, and not just in the annual harvest, and make it possible to efficiently plan government spending for years to come.

"It is important for the Ministry of Agrarian Policy that high-quality investments go to Ukraine, which will bring advanced technologies. Our state is interested in attracting investments into the economy that will help mutually beneficial cooperation in the agro-industrial complex," Leshchenko noted.

At the moment, Ukraine is a highly competitive region with high attractiveness in the global market. In this regard, Daniil Pasko, partner of Diligent Capital Partners, emphasized that the agreement on investment in the construction of a feed mill is long-term.

As a reminder, Edinstvo Group is one of the leading Ukrainian producers of feed for industrial customers, which has been on the market since 1989.

Such investment decisions confirm the presence of investor confidence in the bright prospects for the prosperity of the agricultural sector in Ukraine.

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