2in1 from the State Migration Service of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 12, 2022
2in1 from the State Migration Service of Ukraine

SMSU launches a service adapted to the challenges of war: simultaneous receipt of a passport and ID

During the war, it is very important to be able to be mobile and not depend on pieces of paper. This is especially true for people with children and those whose documents were taken away by the invaders.

"An experimental project for issuing an ID card and a foreign passport simultaneously. That is, citizens can come to SMSU departments and centers to provide administrative services only twice and simultaneously draw up two documents. Which will simplify the procedure," Natalia Naumenko, head of the State migration service of Ukraine.

It is reported that the project began to be developed even before the full-scale invasion of Russia.

The service will be available to all citizens of Ukraine after it is decided by the cabinet of ministers — on May 7, 2022. Thanks to this project, citizens of Ukraine who are abroad can change their documents or paste photos of their children into them by contacting the embassy or consulate of Ukraine in any country in the world.

"All SMSU offices that are not yet in the combat zone have already resumed their work. Work on the production of documents and logistics, which was disrupted due to the war, has also been established. All electronic VMI systems are operating normally. Foreigners who remain on the territory of Ukraine are not left without attention and can receive services, as it was before. The VHI has a hotline where you can get all the necessary advice," added Natalia Naumenko.

We remind you that as of February 24, Ukraine extended 70.000 international passports of Ukrainian citizens, photos of children are pasted into the passports of 72.000 citizens, and another 131.000 new passports were issued.

"The SMSU is actively cooperating with other state institutions so that people who have been released from captivity can receive documents as soon as possible," Naumenko added.

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