3 Impressive Ukrainian Businesses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 24, 2021
3 Impressive Ukrainian Businesses

Can one invent something new if one’s business is a bakery, a post office, or a beauty salon?

Some people like to say that it’s all made up. But it’s not! And here is a selection of the most impressive Ukrainian ideas that have been realized even in the context of a pandemic.

Malashenko Vladyslav, a 25-year-old resident of the Ukrainian capital, worked in the theater and was to become a curative teacher. But after he won a study grant at the Startup Ukraine Business Education Center in 2017, his plans changed. This school encouraged the man to his first successful project, the bakery.

But Vladyslav’s bakery is unusual. The project is called Good bread from good people. It is in this bakery that people with mental peculiarities work. That particular decision of Malashenko Vladyslav brought popularity to the simple idea of opening the bakery. The social bakery team was formed in just 4 months. The first employees of a philanthropic businessman were found through a rehabilitation center.

"The Good bread bakery accepts people with mental disabilities. This is mental retardation, autism, and down’s syndrome. In Ukraine, most opportunities for self-realization and work of such people are impracticable. It is believed that if a person is mentally retarded or autistic, they cannot work. But that is not true. Our employees bake cupcakes, cookies, and quiches under the supervision of a professional baker," said Malashenko Vladyslav.

No less heartwarming project concerns Ukrainian villages. Liki24.com — a project of Avrynskyy Anton. Today, a Ukrainian businessman says that without a pandemic, his company would not be known for four years. But in 2020, when the whole country was quarantined, Anton managed to realize a social idea. In collaboration with the national operator of postal communication Ukrposhta, a businessman launched a project supported by the state. Liki24.com and Ukrposhta began to deliver medicines to the villages. Project users pay only for medicines. Delivery is free. Nowadays, nine online selling drug stores have collaborated with the project.

Another impressive business idea was created by the Kyiv masters of the beauty industry. Oleksandr Shevchenko and Oleksii Baluev decided to create a rescue kit for aesthetic lovers. The idea was born during a pandemic and the quarantine of almost every organization. Successful businessmen collected one hair dye kit and one manicure kit for girls. In special cases for hair dyeing, the master laid an already finished mixture of paint, bowl, and gloves. The manicure kit included a saw, an orange cuticle stick, and a bottle with gel polish remover and oil remover. The briefcases were sent by the delivery service directly under the door to clients who were interested in the service.

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