3 Ukrainian Petitions Caring for the Environment

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 5, 2022
3 Ukrainian Petitions Caring for the Environment

Ukrainians offers to change fines for garbage in the country, ban fireworks and install machines for collecting plastic

Pollution of the environment is considered to be a major problem. Authorities and ordinary people have therefore taken a variety of measures. In Ukraine, for example, there are upcycle projects, developing "green" movements, popularizing garbage sorting. The step taken by the state is also giving results. An electronic petition may be submitted to the presidential administration concerned with the environment. This idea has been approved by the Ukrainians and they are actively putting forward suggestions. And here are the best three petitions that are aimed at ecological care.

Petition to ban pyrotechnics

Fireworks and other decorative lights cause misery for humans or animals every year. Animals fear the loud sounds that accompany the fireworks. People may suffer from pyrotechnics in case of mishandling or failure of launch. Decorative lights also cause environmental pollution. During decorative explosions, about 4.000 tons of harmful substances are released into the air. This is compared to 15% of the annual car emissions.

Of the 25.000 votes required, almost 5.000 have already been collected. The collection of signatures will last another 84 days.

Increasement in garbage fines

25.560 votes out of the 25.000 required were collected in support of the suggestion to increase penalties for discharging garbage in unauthorized places. The petitioner proposed to change the fines from $12.4-62 to larger amounts. Thus, the petition provides for a fine for:

  • Industrial waste of $620-1.239;
  • Trash of individuals — from $528;
  • Waste abandoned by legal entities — $4.958-7.181.

Installation of collection units for plastic bottle 

The petitioner suggests following foreign examples by setting up in supermarkets and other places with large crowds, bottles exchange machines for cheques. The initiator of the petition offers to exchange cheques received for the delivery of the plastic, for products in the shops of the country.

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