300.000 Ukrainians in Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
300.000 Ukrainians in Poland

According to the Polish Office for foreigners, more than 300,000 Ukrainians are in the country on residence permits

"The main factors influencing this phenomenon were the economic situation in Ukraine, the introduction of a visa-free regime and easier access to the Polish labor market.," said the Office for foreigners.

Based on the data, we can conclude that Ukrainians choose the second option between temporary migration and long-term stay in Poland.

"In addition to earning money on so-called job declarations, Poland has also expanded the Bussines Harbor program for Ukrainian citizens. This is a comprehensive package that facilitates moving to Poland, designed for entrepreneurs and professionals in the IT industry," said in a statement.

According to the Office for foreigners of Poland, about 60% of Ukrainian citizens currently in Poland are 18-40. Citizens of Ukraine under 18 represent 12%, and Ukrainians over 40 —  about 28%. About 54% of men have temporary residence permits. The rest are women.

About 84% of Ukrainian citizens are in Poland with a temporary residence permit. The speed of these documents does not exceed 3 years. Other reasons for the stay of our compatriots are:

  • 77% —  work;
  • 12% — family;
  • 2% —  education.
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