3D Technologies in the Construction

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, December 24, 2021
3D Technologies in the Construction

In Ukraine, 3D technologies will be used in construction. What are the benefits of 3D technology and what will change?

The Ukrainian parlament registered law №6383 On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM-technology)

 BIM(building information modeling) technologies are a new approach to digital information management used in construction and urban planning, providing the collection and integrated processing of all architectural, design, technological, economic and other information about an object.

Thanks to their application, it is possible to virtually reproduce the object even before the start of construction to track the life cycle processes of a construction object — from design to its construction, operation and dismantling. This approach allows improving the safety and reliability of buildings and structures, carrying out operational management of construction processes and quality control of construction work, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors in projects, reducing the cost of construction, and optimizing costs at the operation stage. Now such technologies are rarely used in Ukraine because their application is not regulated.

Most developed countries are already actively using BIM technologies in constructing construction projects. In particular, for objects of state order, their use is mandatory. The Ukrainian construction industry has a very low level of digitalization, and only a few organizations use BIM technologies in their activities.

The law registered in parliament allows the digitalization of the building's entire life cycle, including its liquidation. This will lay the foundations for the further application of BIM technologies and a new type of object design — cost estimates for the entire period of operation. To provide a legal basis for the use of information modeling, the law assigns the authority to develop the relevant by-laws to the Ministry of regional development and the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine.

The adoption of this bill will be the first step in introducing BIM technologies.

Indeed, for them to be used, it is necessary to ensure the readiness of the Ukrainian construction market. This is not only about the development of specialized norms but also about the creation of appropriate software products, digitalization of a large amount of information, training of architects, designers, engineers and

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