$411 Bln Foreign Investments in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 25, 2023
$411 Bln Foreign Investments in Ukraine

A number of Western companies have already signed contracts to rebuild Ukraine after the war

Politico reported that rebuilding Ukraine after the Russian invasion war would take about $411 billion. It is also known that the Ukrainian will and diplomacy of the authorities have already given the country contracts for this amount. Companies are already undertaking valuation work at the level of long-term contracts. Other foreign investors are preparing to conclude and implement agreements beneficial to them and establish business relations with Kyiv. Some organisations have agreed to do some work on a volunteer basis, as the cooperation will pay off in the future.

The communications company Rud Pedersen Group and the political development company Rasmussen Global not only supported Ukraine in the war lobbied for its interests before NATO but also opened their offices in the Ukrainian capital. There are dozens more such examples.

"If they came here, they must first be based on a reinforced concrete prediction of our victory and the foreseeable future. And secondly, they see such wide-scale prospects for their work," says political scientist Holobutsky.

We also recall that European countries freeze Russian assets. The European Union is now looking for ways to transfer this money, about $330 billion at the moment, to Ukraine. After the war's end, Russia is also obliged to pay reparations for the damage caused to the neighbouring country.

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