$425 Mln Military Aid Package For Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, November 8, 2023
$425 Mln Military Aid Package For Ukraine 

The USA disclosed details of its other package for defence and counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed forces 

On 3 November, the USA announced its step to strengthen the Ukrainian army with a new military assistance package. Its cost will be over $400 million, where $125 million will be used to purchase ammunition for NASAMS, HIMARS, and artillery shells of 155 mm and 105 mm calibre. Also, this amount will include anti-tank missiles TOW and Javelin complexes, plus a Swedish disposable grenade launcher AT-4.

The Pentagon will spend $300 million on the transfer of anti-drone weapons to Ukraine. The equipment will have laser guidance, which will hang the accuracy of the attacks of the Ukrainian army on the enemy. This part of the assistance will be implemented under the USAID program. 

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