Bucha Massacre

In the wholly occupied and yesterday liberated city of Bucha, Russians killed more people than in Babi Yar
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Genocide. Rape. Burning alive. Shot in the back of the head. Brotherly graves. Massacre. Death.

April 3. We are writing this article through tears. We inform you, the inhabitants of the world, what the Russian army has done in the city of Bucha, Kyiv region.

On February 27, 2022, the Russian “army” entered the city of Bucha. On March 22, Olexandr Pavlyuk, head of the Regional military administration, announced that the city had been taken under control by Russian occupiers. Looting, explosions, destruction of infrastructure, executions, and rapes began.

On March 31, 2022, Bucha was liberated by Ukraine from enemy occupation. And that's what the Russians left behind

We see the results and the screaming evidence of genocide. This is something that was not even during the Second World War. The city is littered with the corpses of Ukrainians who were executed. They tied their hands behind their backs and shot them. Raped and then burned. The mutilated bodies of Ukrainians are just lying around in the middle of the streets, on the roads, and the playgrounds.

Everything the Russians have done to the city and its people is direct proof of the Russian genocide. This is not the first genocide that Russia has orchestrated in Ukraine. And this time, no one will go unpunished.

In Bucha, dozens of bodies of executed civilians lie right in the middle of the streets. According to law enforcement officers, retreating, the invaders mined the bodies

“Some of them lie with unseeing eyes raised to the cloudy Ukrainian sky. Some are face down on the road. Another man lies with his hands behind his back, tied with a white cloth, his Ukrainian passport is left nearby,” the Agence France-Presse photojournalist describes what he saw.

We clearly see that this man was executed simply because he is Ukrainian.

Absolutely all Bucha men from 16 to 60 years old were killed.

“In the Kyiv region, the city of Bucha suffered less than Irpin, but everything was also mutilated, robbed. This is not a horde, these are some bastards” battalion commander “Freedom!” territorial defense of Kyiv Petro Kuzik

Near the highway 20 km from Kyiv, under a blanket, 5 dead naked women were abused and raped by Russian war criminals for several days. And then the Russians dumped them on a pile of car tires and tried to burn them.

“It’s hard to imagine what these women went through before they died. Raped, tortured, burned…” photographer Ihor Zakharenko.

It was impossible to imagine this in the 21st century, but it is happening before our eyes. Russia is worse than ISIS

“If earlier I said that I would make every effort to bring the perpetrators to justice, now I am sure that this is the work of my life, which I will do until my last breath until everyone is held accountable,” Dmytro Kuleba, minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine.

Dmytro Kuleba called on the International Criminal Court to come to Bucha to collect evidence. This evidence will be used in international courts to bring to justice those responsible for the atrocities in Bucha. The request has already been sent to the International Criminal Court.

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch said it had collected evidence of war crimes in the city of Bucha near Kyiv, where the corpses of people in civilian clothes were found on Saturday. The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

The occupiers even shot at people who were moving around the city on bicycles and did not pose any threat

Killed civilians in Bucha lie in yards, near houses, on the roads. Some have their hands tied behind their backs, showing signs of torture. According to eyewitnesses, the occupiers killed young men and simply those "who they did not like".

"Kyiv region. Hell of the 21st century. Bodies of executed men and women with their hands tied. The worst crimes of nazism are again in Europe. Russia did this on purpose,” adviser to the head of the president’s office, Mykhailo Podolyak.

In the liberated Bucha, the military found the bodies of 280 townspeople with their hands tied in mass graves

The bodies of the family of the headman of the village of Motyzhin, Olha Sukhenko, her husband and son, whom the Russians abducted on March 23, were found. Olha's husband was found with signs of torture in the hatch.

Some of the dead residents of Bucha were not left to wallow in the street to be eaten by wild animals. Neighbors buried them just outside the city limits. On the Zhytomyr highway, dozens of burned cars and mutilated bodies of civilians were found who were not given a chance to escape by the occupiers.

In the cities of the Kyiv region liberated from the Russians, the civilian infrastructure, shops, and residential buildings have been completely destroyed.

The European Union launches the hashtag #BuchaMassacre and announces new sanctions against the Russian Federation

European Council president Charles Michel commented on the "remembering" photographic evidence of the genocide in Bucha, calling it the "Bucha massacre". He stated that the EU will help Ukraine collect evidence of the crimes of the armed forces of the Russian Federation for the future tribunal in tribunal over Russian war criminals.

"Shocked by the haunting footage of the atrocities committed by the Russian army in Kyiv-liberated Bucha. The EU is helping Ukraine and non-governmental organizations to gather the necessary evidence for the prosecution in international courts. Further sanctions and EU support are on the way", Charles Michel.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared the events in Ukraine with the Holocaust, but the Jews did not like this comparison. Now they've changed their mind

Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Mykhailo Brodsky admitted that the Russians committed war crimes in the temporarily occupied territories.

"I am deeply shocked by the photos from Bucha. Killing civilians is a war crime and cannot be justified," he wrote on Twitter.

In the city of Bucha, liberated from the invaders, the bodies of dozens of killed civilians were found, who were lying right on the street. Some of the people were shot with their hands tied. Others died after being blown up by mines that the occupiers planted.

Foreign Ministers of Germany and England Annalena Baerbock and Liz Truss are shocked by Russian atrocities in Bucha and other cities of Ukraine. Countries are promising to step up military support and tighten sanctions against Russia.

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