5.650 Tons of Energy Equipment for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
5.650 Tons of Energy Equipment for Ukraine

Since 2022, 30 countries sent 450 batches of equipment to Ukraine for the repair and restoration of power grids damaged by the war

The minister of Energy of Ukraine, Herman Galushchenko, said that since the beginning of targeted Russian aggression against Ukraine's energy infrastructure, 30 countries of the world had sent 450 batches of specialized equipment and repair materials to Ukraine.

"Among the equipment received by Ukraine are more than 1.700 generators, about 1.000 transformers, mobile gas boilers, special equipment, high-voltage equipment for repairing power lines, a mobile cable laboratory and many materials. Thanks to this help, we could restore the operation of many energy infrastructure facilities that the Russians attacked with missiles, drones and artillery. This is a substantial contribution to the energy stability of Ukraine and, ultimately, to our future victory," said Herman Galushchenko.

As of today, the total weight of the received cargo exceeds 5.600 tons. It is noteworthy that Ukraine restored some power stations several times while Russia destroyed them anew.

Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Latvia, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, North Macedonia, Switzerland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, The Czech Republic, as well as Azerbaijan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Canada and the USA thanks to these countries, the situation with energy supply is stabilized, there is no shortage of capacities.

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