5.996 People — the Minimum Price of Putin’s Selfconfirmation

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
5.996 People — the Minimum Price of Putin’s Selfconfirmation

The office of the UN high commissioner for human rights told about the minimum quantity of Ukrainians affected by the Russian aggression

The UN monitoring commission has increased its presence in Ukraine. International experts now work in 6 locations in the affected territory of Ukraine. On September 27, the head of the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine, Mathilde Bogner, made an official report on the first results of the expanded mission. She said that the UN works daily: communicating with victims of the war and monitoring human rights violations by the Russian Federation. Bogner also named the number of recorded deaths of children and adults due to Putin.

"To date, we have documented that 5.996 people have died and 8.848 have been injured. Among the dead are 382 children. These figures reflect confirmed individual incidents, and the actual figures are significantly higher," she stressed.

Bonner noted that Russia forced free people to live in humiliating conditions. Many people cannot eat, sleep, and have no clean drinking water. The United Nations is now aware of the damage or destruction of 252 medical facilities and 415 educational facilities. The amount of private property destroyed is not considered, but it is enormous.

"Freedom of religion or belief has also been adversely affected by the intense shelling. Many places of worship were destroyed and damaged," summarized the head of the human rights mission.

Also, a team of special representatives of the UN secretary-general is preparing to start an investigation of sexual crimes against the Ukrainian people by Russian soldiers. 

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