5-Year-Old Boy Killed During Evacuation

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
5-Year-Old Boy Killed During Evacuation

The boy and his grandmother crossed the river in a boat to escape the war. The boat was shot. The boy's body was found 26 days later

On March 10, little Sasha from the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region tried to evacuate. All roads from the city were blocked by the invaders, so it was decided to evacuate along the Dnipro by boat.

The boy was accompanied by his grandmother, there were 6 more people in the boat with them. The Russians noticed the boat and started firing at it. The bodies of drowned and shot people were found on the shore on March 11. The boy's body was not found near the grandmother's body. The body was stolen.

On April 5, the boy's mother, Olena Yakhno, wrote on her Instagram:

"Today, we found Sashenka's body. I thank everyone who believed, who helped in the search, I thank everyone for your prayers and faith, and thank you for your support. Thanks to you, my son met me. Sasha, our little angel, is already in heaven! Today his soul found peace...", the child's mother.

The body was found in the Brovarsky district of the Kyiv region. The child got into the boat in a life jacket, but when they found him, there was no vest. For a long time, searches on the ground could not begin because the territory was occupied by the enemy.

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