543 Days of the War

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, August 20, 2023
543 Days of the War

The situation on the battlefield: the results of the counteroffensive and losses of Russian

The 2nd Ukrainian summer in the war that the Russian Federation started continuing. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to defend their territories and conduct offensive operations, even though the air temperature ranges from 26 to 38 °C.

Ukrainian defenders fight more than 30 attacks every day. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also continue to liberate the territories captured earlier by the Kremlin army. This week, Ukraine managed to liberate the village of Urozhayne in the south of the country. Also, the Ukrainian army advanced in the western part of the Zaporizhzhia region and on the border of the Donetsk-Zaporizhzhia region. At the same time, the occupiers tried to regain territory but without success.

The Washington Post published an interview with joint chiefs of staff general Mark Millie. He said the counterattack couldn't be easy.

"A few months ago, I said this offensive would be long, bloody and slow. It is: long, bloody and slow, and it is a very, very hard battle," said general Millie.

In total, the armed forces of Russia lost:

  • 256.470 — personnel;
  • 4.346 — tanks;
  • 8.435 — armoured personnel vehicle;
  • 5.245/717 — artillery systems/MRS;
  • 489 — anti-aircraft warfare systems;
  • 315/316 — aircraft/helicopters;
  • 4.304 — UAV operational-tactical level;
  • 1.406 — cruise missiles;
  • 18 — warship/boats;
  • 7.680— vehicles, fuel tanks;
  • 790 — special equipment.

At the same time, Ukraine's allies continue to provide comprehensive support. This week, it was reported that the United States had allowed Denmark and the Netherlands to send F-16 aircraft to the Ukrainian military front.

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