$65 Billion Military Aid Via Ramstein Platform

by Мейфан Гончарук
Sunday, May 29, 2023
$65 Billion Military Aid Via Ramstein Platform

Ukraine Defence Contact Group has accumulated funds for military assistance in the victory over Russian terrorism

On the 12th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group platform, Lloyd Ostin said that from the first UDCG summit to today, the participating countries accumulated $65 billion in urgent and long-term military assistance for Ukraine. This includes weapons, heavy equipment, and training.

"In total, the contact group has allocated about $65 billion in defence assistance. Putin hoped our resolve would fade, and he was betting our unity would crack. At the same time, we remain the only ones as before", Lloyd Austin Austin.

At the 12th UDCG summit, countries raised additional funds for the Ukrainian army, including a new package of $1.8 billion from the USA.

"We are focused on contributions that make a difference in real-time. However, the United States is just as committed to Ukraine's long-term support as are the nations gathered here," Lloyd Austin.

Earlier, Germany announced the transfer of Leopard tanks and drones to Ukraine for about $ 3 billion.

"...this reflects Germany's desire to meet Ukraine's short-term needs, as well as Germany's long-term investment," commented Minister Austin.

Separately, Austin thanked Denmark, which provided Ukraine with vehicles for demining, evacuation, and mobile bridges, and France and its assistance in supplying light tanks and armoured vehicles.

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