7 Works by Banksy in Kyiv and the Region

The artist confirmed the creation of 7 of his works in Kyiv, Borodyanka and Irpin
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The British artist confirmed that he created 7 works in Kyiv and the nearby towns of Irpin and Borodyanka: 2 in the capital, the rest on the ruins of houses in nearby towns

Rumours about the arrival of the anonymous legend began to spread at the speed of light after 2 graffiti in the characteristic style of Banksy appeared in Kyiv and Borodyanka. After that, the artist posted on his Instagram a photo of his work in Borodyanka — a gymnast girl, thus confirming the authorship. Today the artist confirmed that all 7 works seen by Ukrainians are his creation.

Independence Square, Kyiv

Banksy turned an anti-tank hedgehog into a swing for kids to ride on

7 Works by Banksy in Kyiv and the Region
No, this is not vandalism. The penis was on this wall for years

Banksy added an armoured truck, thus ambiguously depicting a nuclear warhead.

Reimagined "David defeats Goliath"

This work probably reflects Putin (he has a black belt in judo) and a little boy (probably a symbol of Ukraine).

This is not the first work of Banksy dedicated to Ukraine. In March of this year, a reproduction of CND Soldiers (2003), which is depicted in London in front of the Houses of parliament, was sold at auction for $106.505. The funds were transferred to the needs of the children's hospital Okhmatdet in Kyiv.

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