7th Package of Sanctions for Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
7th Package of Sanctions for Russia

Ukraine has drawn up its proposals for the next package of tools to curb the appetites of the aggressor country and sent them to the EU

On June 9, the minister of foreign affairs Dmytro Kuleba announced that the government of Ukraine had drawn up proposals for the 7th package of sanctions and sent them to the EU for consideration.

"Today, I signed a letter to the EU and member states with proposals on what next sanctions Ukraine sees," Dmytro Kuleba.

Propositions to the 7th package are divided into 3 directions. And since Russia plans to kill its soldiers and the Ukrainian people to the last man, "the pressure of sanctions must be increased."

"We based this letter on the proposals of the Yermak-McFaul group in 3 directions. The 1st is new sectoral sanctions in energy, finance, and trade. The 2nd is a roadmap for new personal sanctions against Russian oligarchs, officials, and heads of state enterprises. The 3rd is to close the already discovered loopholes for circumventing and evading sanctions," the minister Kuleba.

According to Dmytro Kuleba, the EU and the G7 understand that the main tool for ending the war is export. "We need to kill Russian exports," summed up Dmytro Kuleba.

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