8 Steps: a Beauty Salon in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
8 Steps: a Beauty Salon in Ukraine

The path of a novice businessman in the beauty industry

In Ukraine, interest in cosmetology and aesthetic services among clients continues to grow. Therefore, the future entrepreneur can confidently take his place in the beauty business niche with the right approach. Starting a business from scratch is necessary:

  1. Choose a franchise or your own business

The franchise is already a ready-made beauty salon with a famous name. Entrepreneurs buying the franchise of a well-known brand can reduce the range of tasks when opening a salon and reduce risks. Franchisers will help with design and repair, with a team and training of personnel, authorization documents, purchase of work products, and many others.

But own business allows making all decisions about work, interior design, and even name.

  1. Selection of interior type

This is the step that defines the business. In Ukraine, monosalons, express salons, beauty places for men only or only for women are the most popular types.

  1. Make a business plan

The optimum plan for starting a business includes a definition of the target audience, a list of services, revenue and expense parts, average check.

  1. Business registration

At this stage, it is necessary to apply to public services or independently register a business with the help of the investment advisor of Ukraine GT Invest. We'll also open you an account in the bank.

  1. Selection and accommodation of premises

When choosing a place to do business, it is better to look at areas with a good traffic interchange a flow of people. If it is not a franchise, the design in the salon can be made to your taste. But it is better to focus on modern trends.

  1. Procurement of equipment

For clients to return after the first visit, buy all necessary tools before opening.

  1. Employing workers

It is essential to identify more than just people with experience and good knowledge at this stage. For the successful development of the company, it is important to choose the masters who share the values of the head.

  1. Outcome documents

Before opening the beauty salon, it is necessary to prepare documents for decorative expendable materials and price services of the salon. It is also important to equip the buyer's corner with a complaint book and offer copies of certificates and licenses.

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