90% of Ukrainian Gen Z Wants to Participate in Rebuilding the Country 

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 30, 2023
90% of Ukrainian Gen Z Wants to Participate in Rebuilding the Country 

The charitable foundation "Club of Benefactors" published the results of a study of the opinion of adolescents regarding the war and the recovery period 

Even 14 months ago, no Ukrainian would have thought that research and surveys would concern the state of people during the war and their thoughts about the future. But the present is such that even children feel the effect of the Russian invasion, and many of them are ready to join in improving the country's future. This is evidenced by the data of a social survey among adolescents, which a charitable foundation, Club of Benefactors, conducted.

The organisation collaborated with the company Kantar, the humanitarian Plan International. Interviewed by adolescents aged 13-19 years. All answers live in large cities in Ukraine. Studies have shown that children have more anxiety because of war, not learning. 73% are more worried about what is happening in the country. Only 23% are concerned about learning.

Also, 70% of teenagers answered that they wanted to live and study in their native country. 90% of young Ukrainians said they want to be useful during the reconstruction of cities after the war. Children are ready to be volunteers and, given that the war can be long, to help develop the economic sphere and infrastructure. Also, most children said there were already volunteers during the war. They raised funds for the armed forces of Ukraine through social networks and wove camouflage nets for the military. In addition, teenagers participated in cooking and serving it to those who need help.

Nothing is terrible with such Ukrainians!

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