A 50 Kg-Book That Illustrates the Russian Crimes Against Ukraine

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The MFA of Ukraine and 2 European creative agencies published a "A Crime Without Punishment"

Ukraine's creative agency Bickerstaff and Leadership School, under the auspices of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, gathered the real stories of people who suffered from the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The book currently documents Russian crimes in the size of 6.000 pages and weighing 50 kg. However, the creators of the book note that until the Russian war against Ukraine is over, the book will be supplemented.

"How to express in words the pain, horror, and righteous anger of Ukrainian mothers whose children were abducted by Russian invaders? 6.000 children... Apparently, no way," reported Bickerstaff.

The book is enormous, has a black cover and red colour on the edges of the sheets. Black probably symbolizes the pain and sadness in which every Ukrainian life, and red – the blood with which the hands of the invaders are washed. These are dead children, and adults, tortured and killed Ukrainian military by Russian troops. On the cover, in addition to the title, which hints at the work of the Russian writer Dostoevsky – Crime and punishment, there is also a small prescription.

"New Russian classics," the authors noted in the book, tells only about part of the well-known crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

In addition to supplementing the book with official data, Ukrainian activists plan to present the book in Europe. A crime without punishment will be seen in NATO, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. The Ukrainian book will also be presented in Poland, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria.

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