A New Reality for Mariupol Citizens

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
A New Reality for Mariupol Citizens

The people who returned from occupied Mariupol told about what was happening in the city: the destroyed synagogue, the killed and deceived people

Ukrainian authorities are negotiating with the Russians regarding the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol. Since the beginning of May, several dozen people have been transported to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Rescued people are giving interviews to all the TV channels, revealing new horrors.

Many survivors say that the Russian military lied about the Kyiv government and the capital. The occupiers spread information that Kyiv had capitulated. Ukrainians did not believe in this and did not surrender to the occupation authorities. Although the inhabitants of Mariupol had nothing to eat and drink, there were no essential drugs.

It should also be noted that Russian enemies constantly bombard the city from the sea, air, and land. It is believed that more than 22.000 people died in Mariupol. Virtually all houses in the city have been destroyed and cannot be rebuilt.

The Russian military did not bypass even the Jewish communities. Recently, the occupiers destroyed the center of the Jewish community and the old synagogue.

British intelligence reports that Kadyrov’s men were involved in the atrocities in Mariupol. About 2.000 were members of a Chechen group. Kadyrov’s cousin, Adam Delikhanov, played the role of field commander in Mariupol.

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