A Reason Why Hungary Doesn’t Give Weapons to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 7, 2022
A Reason Why Hungary Doesn’t Give Weapons to Ukraine

Hungary does not help Ukraine with weapons to win a bloody war, so that Russia does not harm the Hungarians living in Ukraine

Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian foreign minister, told CNN in an interview that arms supplies to Ukraine could harm the Hungarians who live in Ukrainian Transcarpathia. According to Szijjártó, the consignment of weapons will become a target for Russia, and Transcarpathia, through which the supply will pass, will be fired upon.

"150.000 Hungarians live in the western part of Ukraine. Obviously, if we send weapons, these deliveries will be the target of the Russians for shelling. We do not want them to shoot at the regions where the Hungarians live. We must take into account the security of Hungary and the Hungarians," Peter Szijjártó.

For this reason, the minister calls the Hungarian-Ukrainian border the safest point in Ukraine. "Therefore, the international Red Cross carries out its logistics from Hungary," summed up the representative of Hungary.

At the same time, Peter Szijjártó asked to treat with understanding the decision of his state and take into account the humanitarian assistance that Hungary provides to refugees from Ukraine.

"We have accepted 630.000 refugees from Ukraine. We take good care of them, offer jobs to those who stay for a long time, and education for children. We do not expect anyone to thank the Hungarians. But we are waiting for one thing: do not provoke us, do not blame us, not talk bad about us just because we made one decision — not to participate in the supply of weapons. Why? Because we are neighbors. For us, the main goal is not to be involved in this war in any way," Peter Szijjártó.

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