A Resolution on Ukrainian Path to EU

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 2, 2023
A Resolution on Ukrainian Path to EU

On February 2, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s membership in an international organisation

What Ukraine has struggled with for at least nine years has finally come as close as possible to the country. On Thursday, members of the European Parliament examined the text of the resolution on Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The paper invites EU members to start working on the negotiation process for Ukraine’s membership in the bloc. As a result of the vote, the resolution was adopted: 489 deputies voted for the document, 36 were against it, and 49 abstained.

The document refers to the need to establish a plan for the country’s entry into the EU single market at an early stage. The European Parliament also draws attention to the need to continue the reforms and to complete the processes already initiated. Therefore, European politicians call on Kyiv to adhere to the necessary criteria and quickly introduce substantial reforms. This will speed up the country’s EU integration process and allow it to meet the EU membership criteria. 

At the same time, the European Parliament is aware that some processes are complicated by the Russian War. Politicians focus on the need for political, economic, infrastructural, financial, and humanitarian support for Ukraine. The European Parliament also called on EU members to provide rapid military support to Ukraine. Politicians recognise that in some cases, for Ukraine to be a member of the organisation, it is necessary to carry out the reconstruction – of places destroyed by the Russian occupiers. On this basis, the resolution called for the use of frozen assets of the Russian central bank and money of the Russian oligarchs for the revival of Ukraine in the European format.

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