A Taxi Service Donated $27.000 to Ukrainian Fighters

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
A Taxi Service Donated $27.000 to Ukrainian Fighters

Ukrainian service "Uklon" has transferred money to the fund of assistance of defenders for the purchase of the complex DP-2

The official Facebook page Come back alive informs that they collected money and listed it in the framework of the project dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. The foundation's initiative sounded like "Let's collect ₴31 million to celebrate 31 years of Independence of Ukraine".

The first on the territory of Ukraine car call service over the internet Uklon has already made its contribution.

Uklon has collected financial assistance for the military. This was reported by the Ukrainian fund Come back alive, which received a money transfer. $27.000 has been transferred to the fund's account. The money is for the purchase of an intelligence system and tactical strikes PD-2. The military system consists of 2 unmanned drones. The cost of the drone complex is almost $840.000.

"Together with Uklon, we agreed on further manufacturing and transferring the future drone complex to a unit that carries out deep reconnaissance and corrective artillery work. Thus, joint efforts will help to strengthen the fight for the dismissal of Ukraine and, consequently, will bring us closer to our victory," they said about the transfer of money.

PD-2 is produced in Ukraine. The cost of the complex is $839.000. Ukrainian uncrewed aerial vehicles can work 12 hours in a row or fly more than 1.000 km. The drones are equipped with a thermal imager and a system of increasing objects up to 30 times.

To make a donation to the Ukrainian military you may here. 

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