About Peace Negotiations Between Ukraine and the Country Bringing Death  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
About Peace Negotiations Between Ukraine and the Country Bringing Death   

The negotiating delegation has been formally formed. David Arakhamia, a deputy from the presidential party, was appointed head of the delegation

The president of Ukraine has formed our delegation to negotiate with Russia. The task of the delegation is to prepare and agree on a draft treaty on security guarantees. In agreeing with the head of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, David Arakhamia is authorized to change the composition of the diplomatic group.

 Members of the delegation

  • David Arakhamia — people's deputy, head of the delegation;
  • Mykhailo Podolyak — advisor to the head of the president's office;
  • Olexii Reznikov — minister of defense;
  • Denys Malyuska — minister of justice;
  • Mykola Tochitsky — deputy minister of foreign affairs;
  • Andrei Kostin — people's deputy;
  • Dmitry Lubinets — people's deputy;
  • Rustem Umerov — people's deputy;
  • Alexander Malinovsky — international lawyer, expert of the delegation;
  • Oleksandr Chaly — Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, delegation expert.

 The decree also approves the Directives of the Ukrainian delegation for participation in negotiations with the Russian Federation on the preparation and approval of a draft treaty on security guarantees for Ukraine, but their content is not reported.

"We want the agreement to be signed by the presidents of the countries, ratified by their parliaments, and this will become a real international document that everyone must comply with. Our position is that we can only sign something with a package. We cannot agree, for example, on a neutral status and security guarantees and simply forget the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. We are not ready for this. We will only sign everything together," Arakhamia.

The head of the delegation also noted that the words of our military in the peace treaty are of key importance: "We do nothing without the advice of our military because now the military is No 1, our support. And if they don't like something, we just cross it out. We discuss everything with the military, then with diplomats, and then we voice something."


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