Abstracts of Biden’s Speech in Warsaw

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 27, 2022
Abstracts of Biden’s Speech in Warsaw

The Americans believe that their president's speech in the Polish capital on March 26 will be historic

"It is a struggle between freedom and repression, a struggle between a world order based on rules and laws and brute force. We need to prepare ourselves for a long struggle, we will not win in a day or a month," said Joe Jr Biden.

  • “Ukrainians have been fighting for their freedom for centuries”;
  • "I want you to know we're with you, America is with you!";
  • ”I will repeat what I said today to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. We are with you! And the point!”;
  • “Putin has set a goal that he will not achieve”;
  • “200.000 people have fled Putin… Putin wanted to split NATO, but NATO has united more than ever".

The US president also said that "the ruble has turned to ashes", it is now 200 rubles per dollar. Russia's economy has been one of the largest, but will soon not even be in the top twenty, and the country's GDP will halve.

The United States will receive about 100.000 evacuated Ukrainians, 8 have already been accepted. One billion dollars will also be allocated for humanitarian aid.

ЄThe US will provide an additional $100 mln in civilian security assistance, including armored vehicles and equipment to the Ukrainian State Border Guards and National Police, who are on the front lines rescuing victims and protecting civilians from Putin's brutal assault," wrote Antony Blinken on his Twitter.

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