Accession of Ukraine to the Convention on Joint Transit

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Accession of Ukraine to the Convention on Joint Transit

The convention opens up the right to transit goods between 35 member states: EU, EFTA/EFTA, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Serbia

The base technology used for transit by the convention participants is the NCTS transit system. In order to acquire a full-fledged membership in the joint transit, Ukraine is faced with the task of introducing this system into state circulation.

The proposed plan for the implementation of NCTS consists of 3 stages and started on November 16:

  • Pilot project;
  • National application;
  • International application.

“Our goal is to give a signal that Ukraine is confidently moving towards the introduction of common customs transit with 35 countries of the world." rel="dofollow">Enterprises will be able to move goods under one transit declaration, with one guarantee and under uniform rules. But today the work of NCTS at the national level is an important result of the joint activities of the Ukrainian parliament, the Ministry of finance, the State customs service, and European partners. Now we turn to Ukrainian business with a request to become more actively involved in the process,” said Yurii Drahanchuk, deputy minister of finance of Ukraine for European Integration.

On March 17, the State customs service of Ukraine has already started introducing NCTS. Training and consultations on working with NCTS for representatives of Ukrainian businesses are scheduled.

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