Accounting Startup of Ukrainian Creators “Finmaxi” Raised $50 thousand

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Accounting Startup of Ukrainian Creators “Finmaxi” Raised $50 thousand

Several American investors invested in the startup

Ukrainian startup Finmaxi is developing a CRM system in which you can generate and send invoices, set up integration with banks, reminders to pay taxes, pay directly from the system, etc.

Currently, the platform is in beta version, and it is available only to developers. It is planned to open it both for clients and accountants in the future.

Finmaxi is already launched on the Ukrainian market and in Germany and Canada. They're planning to be launched in Britain and the USA in the future. Among the main components of the service are Bench, Xero, App Zen, Wave, Bench, Finmap.

What the company will spend investments on

At the moment, provides services for maintaining sole proprietorship, TOV, accounting support of a company, management accounting, registration or liquidation, opening a company or an account abroad.

The funds raised will develop the platform, its technical improvement, marketing and increase the global team. The company will expand the number of representatives in critical countries for Finmaxi, increase sales, and strengthen the marketing team. To technically improve the system, the team also plans to attract a second round of investment.

Within the framework of the CRM system, such services will be available as:

  • History of all transactions or payments for reporting;
  • Solution for companies with contractors;
  • Ability to add additional persons or company;
  • Creation and control of the payment of invoices;
  • Integration with banks and settlement systems;
  • Reminder to pay taxes or reports;
  • Tax documentation and regulatory framework;
  • Possibility to order a service or consultation.

Finmaxi service operates in more than six countries and has several integrations with international providers. The number of services is constantly being supplemented depending on the needs of the business in each country.

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