Adapting Organic Production to Martial Law

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 12, 2022
Adapting Organic Production to Martial Law

The parliament of Ukraine adopted a bill that simplifies the procedure for certification and export of Ukrainian agricultural products and increases state support

On May 12, a deputy from the presidential party, Olena Shulyak, announced the adoption of bill No7264. It aims to simplify the process of certification maximally, registration of pesticides and agrochemicals, biochemical analysis, and export of food grown in Ukraine. This will help Ukrainian farmers to sell their goods as soon as possible and, thus, keep their production in operation. Which is very important during martial law in the country.

"Despite the extremely difficult wartime conditions, temporarily lost areas, problems with equipment, and fuel shortages, farmers continue to work and actively carry out sowing. We, as deputies, should simplify the bureaucratic barriers for them as much as possible. This draft law will help reduce the losses of the organic sector and maintain Ukraine's leading position among suppliers of organic products to the European Union market", Olena Shulyak.

The main objectives of the bill

"Simplification of phytosanitary requirements for export, import, and movement of plant products across the territory of Ukraine. The possibility of issuing a phytosanitary certificate in electronic form. Expanding the list of entities that can take samples and conduct a phytosanitary examination, particularly the introduction of a simplified procedure for the authority of private laboratories," says the portal of the Servant of the people party.

Separately, we worked out the requests of farmers working in the field of organic products. The bill makes it possible to switch from EU product standards to Ukrainian organic standards, without a transition period. Also, agricultural producers will be able to receive state financial support,

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