Advantages of Airstrips in Remote Villages

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Advantages of Airstrips in Remote Villages

Own airfield for small aircraft can become a profitable business

An airfield for aircraft with a dirt" rel="dofollow">runway, located away from major cities, may become in demand in Ukraine as a business. We will talk about two ways of using the purchased zone to use the airspace without difficulty.

With a private flight platform, the owner can only fly with family and friends or choose almost any time to fly. But there are several advantages for those who make such a large purchase for business purposes. In Ukraine, remote airstrips can be in demand. If the business owner plans to make a small private airport, he can do everything to create luxury conditions. An airport with a private airstrip and good conditions can attract Ukrainian and foreign celebrities. First of all, show business stars can sneak into town. Private flight to the village will allow moving around the country without media harassment. Celebrities can also choose a remote airport because of the difficulty of access. It is not always possible for journalists to get to the village quickly, and a private plane is not obliged to follow a schedule.

Second, the owner of a single runway can always make a significant airport. There’s always room for expansion in remote villages. In addition, the new airport provides people with the opportunity to stay away from existing long-distance airfields. This increases the demand for private business.

So a private runway can turn from a comfortable acquisition to a profitable business.

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