Affordable Mortgage 7% Program

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Monday, October 18, 2021
Affordable Mortgage 7% Program

The national 5-7-9% Program: 947 loan agreements worth ₴816 mln ($31 mln) signed

As of October 18 of this year, authorized banks to implement the state program Affordable mortgage 7% signed 947 loan agreements totaling ₴816 million in both the primary (24,11%) and secondary (respectively 75,89%) markets.

In total, the authorized banks received 1,336 applications for participation in the program for a total of ₴1,1 billion ($42 mln) (, of which 23,81% is the primary market and 76,19% the secondary.

The program involves 23 regions, including the city of Kyiv. According to citizens' applications for loans, the most active regions last week were:

  • Kyiv (33,1%);
  • Kyiv region (31,1%);
  • Kharkiv region (6,4%);
  • Lviv region. (6,0%);
  • Rivne region (4,0%);
  • others (19,4%).

The increase compared to the beginning of last week is:

  • + 2% the number of loans and + 2% the amount of loans;
  • + 1% the number of applications and + 2% the amount of applications.

A total of 19 authorized banks participate in the program. Banks that have joined the state program continue to improve their own mortgage lending procedures in accordance with the terms of the program, develop information materials for potential borrowers, conduct staff training, and so on.

We draw the attention of potential borrowers to the fact that it is the bank that makes the decision to issue a loan, using its own methodology for assessing the solvency of a potential borrower.

It will be recalled that the launch of the Affordable mortgage 7% took place on March the 1st at the initiative of president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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