After the War, Syria Will Not Get a Single Gram of Ukrainian Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
After the War, Syria Will Not Get a Single Gram of Ukrainian Grain

Syria deliberately buys stolen Ukrainian grain from Russia and has no plans to stop

The Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine states that Syria is buying grain which Russia Ukraine from Ukraine. Officially, Russia has removed from the occupied territories a third of the grain that was there — about 500.000 tons. However, in reality, the tonnage is much higher. According to the minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Mykola Solskyy, now several million tons of grain have been harvested in the occupied part of Ukraine, Russia has offered stolen goods to other countries in need, in particular to Egypt, but Egypt had the political stamina to refuse to participate in the crime. More than 100.000 tons of Ukrainian wheat worth more than $40 million have already been imported to Syria.

In an interview with the Financial Times, agricultural policy minister Mykola Solskyy suggests that due to Syria's openness to buying stolen grain, after the war, Ukraine may close Syria's access to its agricultural products.

The government of Ukraine does not stop monitoring the logistics of grain that Russia exports from Ukraine. It is known that Russia uses part of the loot for its own purposes: it grinds it into flour, and then the trace is lost.

"Nothing encourages as much as impunity," Mykola Solskyy.

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