Agreement Regarding Supply of Tanks Not Reached

by Olha Povalaieva
Friday, January 20, 2023
Agreement Regarding Supply of Tanks Not Reached

At the 8th Ramstein meeting, no unequivocal answer was reached regarding the provision of tanks from Germany to Ukraine

On January 20, a Ukrainian Defense Contact Group meeting was held in Germany. Germany expected to give a specific answer regarding the selection and permission of other states to supply Leopards to Ukraine. As German defence minister Boris Pistorius said, "there is no unanimous opinion", but the answer should be expected shortly. However, whether this will be a positive or negative answer is not known.

The Minister emphasized that it is not necessary to assert the opinion that Germany is delaying the issue or acting as an opposition against the supply of Leopards. According to him, Germany carefully weighs all the arguments "pros" and "cons". Pistorius called preparation for an operational response in the event of a decision in favour of the transfer of tanks the main task for today.

"If a decision is made — in a week, in two weeks or a day—- we must be able to act quickly... We are preparing," Boris Pistorius.

The representative of Germany is sure that Germany's excessive caution did not cause Ukraine's defeat in the war because "we will make a decision as soon as possible. And we already support Ukraine in large volumes and will continue our support as long as necessary until the war ends."

Minister Pistorius added that Germany should not prevent other countries from supplying tanks to Ukraine, but this issue was not discussed at the summit.

It is known that the defence ministers of Ukraine and Germany held a closed bilateral meeting. The results are still unknown, but Pistorius called this meeting "very pleasant".

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