Agribusiness company Risoil S. A. builds a unique pier in the port Chernomorsk with a cost of ₴ 1 billion

Thursday, April 22, 2021
Agribusiness company Risoil S. A. builds a unique pier in the port Chernomorsk with a cost of ₴ 1 billion

The pier in the grain terminal is designed for two-way reception of international vessels with draught up to 15 meters and deadweight up to 120,000 tons

“We will load grain volumes of up to 3,000 tons per hour simultaneously on either side of the pier, or we will load two ships on either side of the pier with a capacity of 1,500 tons per hour. Furthermore, the loading can be carried out in any combination, regulating the types of cargo and the proportions of cargo flows on both sides of the pier. There is no two-way pier in ports of Ukraine today, which would provide the possibility to simultaneously process two ships with two different cargoes”, says the general director of terminals of Risoil group Euvheniy Sadovuy.

The second characteristic is that the new terminal will handle both imported and exported goods.

“The ability to export and import is a key feature of the pier. It is possible to confidently say that, implementing this project, Risoil takes a step into tomorrow. That is why it is cool, comments Euvheniy Sadovuy.

In an interview to “Ports of Ukraine”, Sadovuy has said: “We see prospects of transport of small tonnage vessels reception of small tonnage fleet for efficient organization of export-import operations. This is another factor why it is a project of tomorrow”. The reception of grain and oil from barges and river vessels will reduce the load on the railway infrastructure of the port and expand the transport options of the customers.

For the loading and unloading of vessels with a draught dimension, a six-bolt vessel loading system with a capacity of 1,500 tons per hour each will be installed on the pier, and a 600-ton pneumatic ship loading unit for a smaller vessel will be provided.

Such hydraulic construction is recognized as a hit in US and European port infrastructures, and now it will be implemented in Ukraine.Perhaps our project will set a similar trend in Ukraine. Ten years ago, as an employee of the American company Cargill, I was able to get acquainted with the Risoil project and celebrate its promise. It is really an innovative project”, notes Euvheniy Sadovuy.

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