Agricultural Education in Ukraine

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cooperation between business and higher education institutions

The agricultural sector is extremely important for the economy of any country. Experts in this field, given the steady growth of the world's population, face a global challenge — to produce enough to provide for all mankind. To do this, they conduct research, breed new varieties of plants and animal breeds, develop mineral fertilizers and pesticides, using technologies using genetic engineering and biotechnology, robotics, and electronics. Agriculture is important not only for food production but also for the production of fabrics, medicines, building materials, biofuels, etc.

Agricultural specialists will always be in demand in the labor market. Especially in Ukraine — an agrarian state, among the natural resources of which are the most fertile lands and a favorable climate for agriculture. Despite the unstable political and economic situation, agriculture continues to be the locomotive of the economy and builds its potential in the global agricultural market.

"The development of agricultural education is an important factor in the formation of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, because it is one of the largest employers that offer jobs for graduates of all levels of education. Ensuring the innovative development of this sector is important for maintaining Ukraine's leading position in the world market as an exporter of agricultural products, "said minister of education and science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet.

"The agricultural sector plays an important role in the development and formation of the country's economy. Farmers give the country 50% of foreign exchange earnings, GDP —20%. Today, our departments have full mutual understanding and a common direction of development of the sphere, which cannot be achieved without the proper education of specialists, "said minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko.

The total number of students of agricultural educational institutions are 143.9 thousand people, of which 79.4 thousand people study by state order.

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