“Agrii Ukraine” has launched an innovative field zoning tool “Contour 3D”

Thursday, August 26, 2021
“Agrii Ukraine” has launched an innovative field zoning tool “Contour 3D”

Now, farmers have the opportunity to edit field zones, create maps for soil selection with subsequent differentiated fertilization, and much more

The Agrii Ukraine company offers farmers a wide range of agronomic services under the RHIZA brand. It has many functions, including high-quality laboratory services from RHIZA Lab, and digitalization of production using RHIZA Digital software, and comprehensive agronomic support of RHIZA Expert by a team of experts in the fields.

More recently, RHIZA Digital has added Contour 3D technology to the list of digital services.
Contour 3D is an innovative field zoning and performance zoning tool that uses and combines multiple layers of field information.

Among the advantages of Contour 3D:

  • Information about the soil brightness index, historical vegetation indices (more than 10 indices and a 30-year data archive);
  • field topography parameters (height above sea level, steepness of slopes, the direction of slopes, etc.);
  • yield map, field scan map;
  • the ability to edit field zones create maps for soil sampling with subsequent differentiated fertilization and sowing in accordance with the productivity potential of each zone;
  • the ability to effectively use the elements of precision farming.

Such an innovative tool will have a positive impact on the Ukrainian agro-industry, creating an opportunity to work on the productivity of each hectare of the field. Moreover, such a set of agronomic services is simply necessary for the modern conditions of doing a thriving business.

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