Aid to Ukraine — Belgian Priority

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 26, 2022
Aid to Ukraine — Belgian Priority

November 25 MoD of Belgium announced the transfer of mobile laboratories and underwater drones

The Belgian Ministry of defence has announced a new package of military-technical assistance to Ukraine. According to the Belgian media La Soir, some government officials criticize the amount of military support that Belgium provides Ukraine in comparison with other small countries. However, defence minister Ludivine Dedonder replied that regardless of the amount of equipment that Belgium transfers to Ukraine, each unit of the package meets Ukraine's needs and complements other states' assistance.

"There is no competition in this area. Our aid is effective and complementary to that of other countries. It corresponds to what Ukraine asks of us. In addition, the equipment we send is operational. These are not old things to get rid of. Aid to Ukraine is a priority for us," Ludivine Dedonder.

The minister also added that Belgium will continue to train Ukrainian soldiers in military skills and will provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with underwater drones and mobile laboratories.

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