Alcohol Production in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 5, 2021
Alcohol Production in Ukraine

Previously, following the law of Ukraine, only state-owned enterprises that received a production license have the right to produce alcohol. A prerequisite for production is round-the-clock video surveillance through cameras. Disabled video surveillance will result in immediate license revocation.

Today in Ukraine, there is only one private company that produces alcohol. It is Nemiroff. The company is named after a small town in Nemyriv in Central Ukraine.

Now the law on the liberalization of the alcohol industry has come into force. It provides that business entities of any form of ownership are allowed to produce ethyl alcohol, ethyl rectified grape alcohol, ethyl rectified fruit alcohol, grain distillate, and bioethanol. Under the condition of having a production license, of course.

Thus, the monopoly on the production of alcohol was abolished. And if earlier the state-owned Ukrspirt was the largest enterprise for the production of alcohol, now its positions have significantly shifted, and everyone can invest in this business.

It is especially relevant during a pandemic. An owner of a distillery can launch a separate line of antiseptics, sterilizers, disinfectants and instantly make a profit.

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