Algeria Increases Import of Ukrainian Grain

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Algeria Increases Import of Ukrainian Grain

The climatic situation in Algeria is changing, that is why Ukraine may increase grain imports

It is noted that UGA held an online summit with representatives of the government of the Algerian People's Democratic Republic, specialized associations of importers of Algeria, as well as the Algerian Office for the procurement of grains.

From the data provided by the press service of the Ukrainian Grain Association, we learned that following the meeting, the Algerian side announced its readiness to increase grain imports in the future due to changes in climatic conditions. Thus, the international partnership with Ukraine is growing every day.

"Today, Algeria has set tender requirements for wheat imports at a level that the Black Sea region cannot actually fulfill. That is why Ukraine exports a very small amount of grain to Algeria. In the last 2020/2021 grain season, Ukraine exported only a little more than 200 thousand tons of grain to Algeria," according to the message of UGA.

UGA president Mykola Gorbachev presented to his colleagues the full potential of Ukraine in terms of grain production. Moreover, the Ukrainian representative noted that bilateral grain trade could be improved if the Algerian side brought its bidding requirements for grain imports closer to generally accepted market standards.

"The content of grains damaged by bug turtles, even at the level of 0,5%, is difficult to fulfill from Ukraine, although it is possible. However, an increase in this indicator to the level of 1%, as is customary in most countries importing wheat from North Africa, will significantly increase the supply for Algeria from Ukraine. So, for example, for Morocco this indicator is limited to 1%, for Tunisia, it is not limited at all, and for Egypt, it is also 1%", the UGA noted.

As a result, the Algerian side expressed its readiness to discuss all possible changes that would be beneficial for both sides. Also, Ukraine and Algeria are planning to organize a meeting between exporting and importing companies of grain. Such a step will significantly strengthen the already close partnership.

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