Alternative energy in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Alternative energy in Ukraine

he renewable energy industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and Ukraine is no exception

The Ukrainian renewable energy market has become an attractive choice for foreign and domestic investors. This increasing interest in renewable energy sources has led to a rise in green job opportunities, renewable energy employment within the country, sustainability, green technologies being brought into production by local businesses.

The alternative energy industry in Ukraine includes an array of experts from geologists to biologists, mathematicians, and even engineers. It is because renewable energy experts have contributed to renewable energy technology development.

The renewable energy sector in Ukraine is now growing faster than ever before as it started its recent growth spurt after 2006 when new amendments that included a clear regulatory framework for renewable sources' development were made into Ukrainian legislation. In particular, those changes have enabled any type of entity, individuals or organizations, to invest in renewable projects by either being co-investors or shareholders in those projects.

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